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Glowing Star Říčanská hvězda became her puppies - 2 black males, 1 harlequin male, 1 grey tiger female, 1 male mantle, 1 black female.


Facts about raising a Great Dane

The Great Dane is one of the easiest recognizable dog breeds in the world. This gentle giant has an imposing stature and a friendly nature that makes it a perfect choice for a family pet. If you are pondering on adopting one of these lovely hounds, you should keep in mind some of the crucial facts about raising them the right way. Considering maintenance costs, span life and nutrition, the Great Dane might be a costly investment. Actually, the upkeep for an entire year could drastically reduce your budget for holidays, escorts or other investments.

The super friendly Dane

Throughout history, large dogs have been used for hunting purposes. Ancient Viking runes depict the importance of giant hounds in both hunting trips and military campaigns. However, these dogs were very different from today’s Great Dane, which has been bred from the 16th century on. With a friendly temperament and a sloppy nature, this hound has become more of a symbol of royalty than that of a war machine. Today, you can see them bred all around the world and it should not surprise you if your Prague escort from https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-prague-177/ has one, too. These beautiful women love the company of an elegant dog and their annual income allows them to easily support one.

Raising a Great hound is costly

The biggest downside to raising a Great Dane has to be the financial cost. This hound requires periodic grooming that may reach as much as $250 per week. Also, the food budget has to be substantial. As a full adult, the Great Dane weighs around 180lb (82Kg), and needs to eat at least 45lb (22Kg) of pellets per day. With this in mind, the giant Nordic hound is not the pet that you can leave with your ladies from the Escort Directory while you are away on a two-week vacation. The food costs would surely bankrupt them by the time you come back.

It is a short-time friend

The Great Dane is a great friend and even a family member that you can easily attach to. However, this fact can only turn into a tragedy as the usual life span of this hound is around 6 to 8 years. Therefore, upon adopting a puppy you have to remind your children and your Prague escort that their new buddy will not stay around for too long.

You will need an extra room

The Great Dane needs a lot of room. This is not the small puppy that you can cuddle with on the same bed. Raising such a large hound implies having extra rooms in your house. You want all your family members to be happy and this dog is not content unless it gets a human-sized bunk. So, the next time you have escorts visiting you let them know that they can either share your bed or the guest room with your Great Dane.

Go big or go home!

Everything has to be big with a Great Dane. You cannot give it tiny squeaky toy and expect him to be happy. Their chewing toys have to be large and appealing. Otherwise, you will soon see the shoes of your Prague escort or your kid’s toys chomped and grinded in a horrific fashion.

The ideal cartoon dog

The Great Dane is a longtime favorite model for painters and cartoonists alike. From the medieval paintings to today’s animated characters like Scooby Doo and Marmaduke, these gentle giants have been the subject of numerous depictions. Almost everywhere, they are represented as faithful and quirky escorts of the main characters and are always favored by the viewers.