Why you instantly fall for a Great Dane pup

Anyone who has met the Great Dane dog will agree that it is an exceptionally beautiful and stoic animal that attracts a lot of attention wherever it goes. It can instantly draw crowds’ attention and in some cases stop the traffic. This animal makes an interesting and fantastic family pet for anyone who understands it as it is argued that they are not the dogs for everyone. The following are some of the characteristics of the Dane pup that makes them adorable to anyone who sees and spends some time with them.


What makes them adorable?

The Great Dane puppies are very obedient and loyal to their human companion when trained well mainly because they have been bred carefully over time and thus instilling such great and exciting qualities. Thankfully, the pups are known to be no much of barkers which is important for families that prefer a quiet and peaceful environment. They have a sleek and smooth coating that comes in different colors making them charming which is complimented by its imposing looks, mild-mannered characters. However, just like any human child, young Danes can be very curious which can be fun for some people and be annoying for others because it likes to smell and nibble everything that comes on its way including your feet. They also have a rapid growth rate where within a year; it becomes a full grown dog so tall that it bypasses your on height.


What you may not like about them

Just like in the human world, it is common sense that no-one or nothing is 100 percent perfect the way you would want them to be. Therefore, before buying or adopting a Dane pup, it is important to understand their downside in order to deal with them in a great and humane manner. One of the challenges is that they can be very exuberant and rowdy making them to be very destructive in the house which may lead to some losses. Also, they tend to have serious health problems which require extra attention, and this might be expensive for the owner.