Diet and nutrition tips for a healthy dog


Just like human beings, dogs also require nutritious and well-prepared food for them to live a healthy life. It is sad to note that many people will remember to grab a balanced diet meal for themselves on the way from work and forget that animals also have needs which must be met to ensure that their general well-being is not affected and that they remain strong throughout their lives. It is advisable to prepare high quality and nourishing food for the pet and also ensure that it is fresh and safe.

What type of nutrients do dogs need?

The same way we are advised by nutritionist and doctors, dog owners are also encouraged to give a balanced diet to their dog as this provides important components for growth and calories for strength. It is easy to find a commercially prepared pet food that is well balanced to sustain the health of the dog although it is advisable to avoid giving too many leftovers and snacks to the animal as this may affect the well-formulated food. The food should have enough proteins in the form of meat, an ample supply of fat, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Fresh drinking water should always be available for the pet at all times and kept in a clean bowl or dish to avoid infections or unwanted diseases.

Tips for preparing raw diet

For individuals who prefer to keep their animals away from processed foods due to harmful substances such as additives and fillers, a raw diet is the best way to go. The raw food is primarily made of uncooked meat which is served with Fruits and vegetables to add to the nutritional needs of the animal. The meat should have some bones to provide calcium and a considerably high amount of fat to provide the energy required for daily activities. To make sure that the dog eats the vegetables, use a food processor to puree the mixture with the ground beef and serve while warm.

In addition to the quality meal, make sure that the animals get enough exercise and sleep for overall great healthy lives.